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Who does Boomerang cater to?

As owners and chief executives in several companies, we have found and organized Boomerang to provide services for everyone to utilize when arranging their travel needs. Fast, safe and cost effective service is the difference.

Where can Boomerang Fly to?

Boomerang can fly into more than 5,500 airports across America.
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How far in advance to book?

Scheduling can be done up to thirty minutes before take-off depending on availability. Boomerang is an on-demand charter service with aircraft and crew on standby for your convenience. The further ahead your flight is scheduled, the higher the likelihood of availability for your first choice of aircraft.

How do I schedule a flight with Boomerang?

You may complete an online request for a flight quote or contact a Boomerang representative at 904.404.8108.
Please have the specifics of your requested trip when you call. Boomerang will check the availability and upon confirmation, send you a personalized itinerary for your trip.
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Does Boomerang Access Credit Cards?

YES. Boomerang accepts all major credit cards, wire transfer and certified checks prior to flight.

What type of luggage can I bring on my flight?

We ask that all our passengers use soft-sided luggage.

How much luggage can I bring on my flight?

Luggage size and weight to be determined prior to each flight depending on variables including number of passengers and length of trip for fuel requirements. Please call for an approximation prior to departure.

How long do I need to be at the airport before takeoff?

Boomerang is there for you and will depart on your schedule. Typically, arrive a few minutes before planned departure to give the crew time to load the aircraft and complete any pre-flight paperwork. Should your departure time change, please contact us immediately so that we can make flight plan adjustments.

Where do I meet the aircraft before a flight

Boomerang Air Charter floats within Florida and the aircraft can be positioned to the airport of your choice. Please let us know your preferred departure location when you contact us.
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What does 135 mean?

FAA 135 Certification requires frequent aircraft maintenance responsibilities, continuing crew education, flight competency checks, random safety and equipment inspections, and monitored crew duty and rest periods.
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