The Company

Boomerang Air Charter was founded in 2003, with the vision to provide excellent air charter service for business and professional travel.

What started out as a dream, has grown into a company large enough to accommodate the varied demands of our clients, yet small enough to remain personable. A cut  above the rest, Boomerang brings first-class customer service to each flight while having the personal feel of private travel. With flight operations in the Southeast and the Bahamas, we are able to depart from over 5,500 airports in the country and are proud to be considered one of the top air charter companies in the area. We invite you to contact Boomerang for a personalized travel quote and experience the difference when you fly.

What is an argus gold rating?

The third-party, independent ARGUS rating system looks at a charter aircraft operators actual safety and compliance history, and through due diligence produces a grade for that operator. Operators that have a safety history equal to or greater than their peers are provided with an ARGUS Gold Rating. Boomerang Air Charter is proud to have an ARGUS GOLD RATING

frequently asked questions

As owners and chief executives in several companies, we have created and organized Boomerang to provide services for everyone to utilize when arranging their travel needs. Fast, safe and cost effective service is the difference.

Boomerang can fly into more than 5,500 airports across America as well as the islands in the Bahamas.
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Scheduling can be done up to day of departure, depending on availability. Boomerang is an on-demand charter service with aircraft and crew on standby for your convenience. The further ahead your flight is scheduled, the higher the likelihood of availability for your first choice of aircraft.

You may complete an online request for a flight quote or contact a Boomerang representative at 888-415-7779

Please have the specifics of your requested trip available when you call. Boomerang will check the availability and upon confirmation, send you a personalized itinerary for your trip.

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YES. Boomerang accepts all major credit cards, wire transfer and certified checks prior to flight.

We ask that all our passengers use soft sided duffel-like luggage at a max of 25lbs per person.

Boomerang is there for you and will depart on your schedule. Please plan to arrive 15 mins before planned departure to give the crew time to load the aircraft and complete any pre-flight paperwork. Should your departure time change, please contact us immediately so that we can make flight plan adjustments.

Once your flight is confirmed you will receive a trip sheet with all the details for your flight.

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FAA 135 Certification requires frequent aircraft maintenance responsibilities, continuing crew education, flight competency checks, random safety and equipment inspections, and monitored crew duty and rest periods.

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